Things to do

Things to do

1. Beach picnics – take a banka to an isolated beach and have a delicious picnic meal prepared by the hotel

Small boat for 2 pax is 1,500. Medium boat for 4 pax is 2,000. For more than 4 pax, a large boat is recommended. Cost of 4,000 per large bot. cost of meals not included in above quoted prices.

2. Island hopping – cruise and land at a number of numerous beautiful islands in the area have a picnic in one of the places of your choice. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling whole day at 2,500 for small boat, up to 3 pax. 4,500 for large and safer boat. Can accommodate of up to 12 pax.

3. Fishing – the local way – go out in a banka and experience the thrill of watching some fish which yo can grill and enjoy later. Half day – 1500 per 2 pax, bat and fish lines are provided by the local fishermen

4. Firefly watching – except when the moon is full. For more adventures and fun seeking people, the hotel can arrange tours to obsere to twinkling of these dazzling and flickering insects as if the stars and the sies have come down to the mangroves to fascinate you. A magical and very romantic night and pure nature. 1 to 2 hrs – 850 for 2 pax.

5. The river house grand tour – from the resort, travel upstream on a small banka. paddle your way up through the last section –where the engine will be turned off due to narrowing of mangrove channel = up to the village of Panggawaran where you can:

a. Mingle with the locals and experience the novel and unique thrill of riding a carabao.

b. Experience the backbreaking task of harvesting a stalk of rice, during th season, help in planting, or manual pounding/milling of palay

c. Watch and learn weaving by observingnthe skilled hands of weavers using indigenous materials.

Half day tour 1,200 per pax, 750 per pax –min of 2 pr 500per pax min of 3-4.

6. Dugong (seacow) watching – organized by dugong divers. Take a large banka and in just under an hour reach the feeding grounds f dugons and watch these fascinating mammals whle you are snorkeling. Whle day. Inclusive of boat trasnfers, guide. 3,000per person – joiner. Or 6,000 per trip that can accommodate 12pax.

7. Calauit wildlife safari. Meet the animals of Africa like Giraffe, Zebras, Antelope. Whole day tour. Inclusive of Roundtrip aircon car, roundtrip boat trasnfers, packed lunch with drinks and entrance fees, guide. Ask for the price at the lobby

8. Coron island tour – whole day
Travel to Cron town, and then take a banka to the hauntingly beautiful coro island with its incredibly clrear crystal waters. We provide our car to take you t coron island with its incredibly clrear crystal waters. We provide our car car to take you to Coron twon where you will go with a joiner tour to coron island. The car cost 2,000 max of 4 persons.

9. Diving – the hotel can arrange excursions with their associate dive center, for all categories of divers. The hotel is just 4 hours from apo reef and the dive center can arrange special tours for those who want to visit sunken wrecks and house reefs in the area